About the Ministry of Traditional Governance, Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs

The Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace (MNURP) was established in 2002 by the Office of the Prime Minister. Its mandate was peace and reconciliation, post conflict reconciliation, truth and reconciliation and national unity programs.

In 2019, MNURP was renamed to the Ministry of Traditional Governance, Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs (MTGPEA), being responsible for the conduct of the Solomon Islands Government.

The Ministry maintains the following as its key partners and stakeholders: National and Provincial Governments, UNDP, Chiefs, and Traditional and Church Leaders.

Minister of Traditional Governance, Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs

Hon. Samuel Manetoali

Welcome to The Ministry of Traditional Governance, Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs.

Our Mission is to recognise, strengthen and empower traditional governance systems and structures to protect and preserve the diversity of our organic traditions and cultures in the Solomon Islands. As a result, a united, peaceful, prosperous and resilient nation will be achieved.

Our Services

Ministry services include:

  • Policy works in peace building
  • Facilitating peace building trainings
  • Facilitating reconciliation ceremonies and programmes
  • Mediating conflicts
  • Facilitating the establishment of traditional governance structures and systems.
  • Delivery of ecclesiastical programmes in partnership with faith-based organisations.
  • Undertake psycho-social healing
  • Coordinating and collaborating with stakeholders on Ministerial and sector-based peace building initiatives, programmes and activities.

To achieve its mission, the Ministry delivers services through its four (4) Divisions.

Divisions and Departments

The Ministry of Traditional Governance, Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs has the following Divisions and Provincial Offices under its umbrella. You will find quick information about each and their contact details if required.


Traditional Governance Division

The Traditional Governance Division’s key function is to facilitate the re-drafting of Bills that will empower and strengthen traditional structures and systems. The Division is also mandated to facilitate peace building and capacity building trainings for traditional leaders and to provide support for their work.

Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs Division

This Division engages in peace education with relevant stakeholders while recognising and supporting the roles of ecclesiastical institutions.

Policy, Planning, Programme Development Division

This Division is responsible for facilitating and coordinating research and analysis on conflict issues, policy and programme development, along with monitoring and evaluation. They also provide advisory capacity on the above issues to the Solomon Islands National Government.

Corporate Services Division

The Corporate Services Division deals with the administration, human resource and financial matters of the Ministry.

Express Directory

These are direct contact details for relevant staff at The Ministry of Traditional Governance, Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs (MTGPEA). Please feel free to get in touch should you have any queries you wish to discuss.

Head Office 23015 / 23016
Minister Hon. Samuel Manetoali 23087 / 23015 EXT 212
Permanent Secretary Peter Mae 28616 / 23015/16 EXT 214
Under Secretary Policy Planning Programme Development Division 23015 / 23016 EXT 219 / 28751
Under Secretary Corporate Services Division Gregory Rofeta 23015 / 23016 EXT 213
Director Traditional Governance Rueben Lilo 24031
Deputy Director Traditional Governance Chris Tabea 24031
Deputy Director (Malaita) Genesis Eddie Kofana 40007
Deputy Director (Western) Wilson Liligeto 60937
Deputy Director (Choiseul) William Kutini 63107
Deputy Director (Guadalcanal) Dwight MacDallas Hila 26220
Chief Peace & Reconciliation Officer (Honiara) Glins Kerah Clay 23015 / 23016 EXT 209
Chief Peace & Reconciliation Officer (Isabel/Central) Moses Aipuru  23015 / 23016 EXT 209
Chief Traditional Governance & Rehabilitation Officer Jerry Crowfstone Urahora 23015 / 23016 EXT 209
Director Policy Planning Programme Development 23015 / 23016 EXT 205
Deputy Director Policy Planning Programme Development Morris Maitaki 23015 / 23016 EXT 222
Deputy Director, Monitoring & Evaluation Graham Felefula 23015 / 23016 EXT 222
Chief Monitoring & Evaluation Hegstad Freestone Koga 23015 / 23016 EXT 222
Chief Communication and Public Relation Silas Dosi Lilo 23015 / 23016 EXT 222
Chief Peace & Reconciliation Officer (Guadalcanal) Peter Bochalingana 26220
Senior Peace & Reconciliation Officer (Guadalcanal) Wilfred Maneisu 26220
Human Resources Manager Davinia Osiramoa 23015 / 23016 EXT 218
Principal Administration Officer Louisa Baekalia 23015 / 23016 EXT 210
Senior Admin. Officer Linda Aniaelani 23015 / 23016 EXT 210
Clerical Officer Suzie Leong 23015 / 23016 EXT 204
Registry Officer Jane Belo 23015 / 23016
Executive Personal Secretary Margaret Kisita 23016 / 23016 EXT 217
Financial Controller Aldrick Sese 20039
Principal Accountant Vincent Maesiki 23015 / 23016 EXT 201
Assistant Accountant Jessie Vego 23015 / 23016 EXT 206
Receptionist Michaelyn Naesi 23015 / 23016 EXT 200
Driver/Logistic Officer Mark Maneili 23015 / 23016 EXT 200


If you’re in the Solomon Islands and wish to visit us, our office location is provided below for your convenience. We look forward to welcoming you.

Physical Address
Ministry of Traditional Governance, Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs
Hill Street, 3rd Floor ATL Building,
Honiara, Solomon Islands.
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1548, Honiara,
Solomon Islands.
23015 / 23016
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