About the Leadership Code Commission

The Leadership Code Commission (LCC) is an integrity institution established under the Leadership Code (Further Provisions) Act 1999 (LCFPA). It is the body mandated to enforce the Leadership Code, which is contained under chapter VIII of the Constitution and the LCFPA.

The enforcement of the Leadership Code involves investigation, prosecution and adjudication of misconduct allegations by Leaders. The term ‘leader’ is defined as persons or holders of offices stated under section 93 of the Constitution and section 2 of the LCFPA.

The LCC consists of a Chairman and two other part-time members appointed by the Governor General acting in accordance with the advice of the Nominating Committee. The members of the Nominating Committee includes the Prime Minister, Opposition Leader, Attorney General and the Public Service Commission Chairperson.

Our Services

LCC services include:

  1. Enforce the Leadership Code: investigate allegations of misconduct in office by Leaders.
  2. Manage and maintain register of Leaders’ interest (Financial and Non-financial interest)
  3. Assist Leaders to comply with their duties under the Leadership Code and promote good governance, accountability and transparency.

Essential Services

There are no essential services provided to the public because the Commission specifically deals with the Leaders’ conduct both in their public and private lives.


If you’re in the Solomon Islands and wish to visit us, our office location is provided below for your convenience. We look forward to welcoming you.

Physical Address
Leadership Code Commission
Issac Qoloni House,
Honiara, Solomon Islands.
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 552, Honiara,
Solomon Islands.
24860 / 21063
Opening Hours
Monday-Friday 8am–12pm & 1pm–4:30pm
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