About the Ministry of Public Service

The Ministry of Public Service (MPS) is one of the core Ministries responsible for the overall Human Resource Governance of the Solomon Islands Public Service.

As a central agency, the Minister of Public Service advises the Prime Minister and his Cabinet with human resource policy advisory services and information resulting in sound and timely cabinet decisions. These are then effectively implemented by line Ministries to lead the modernization of the Public Service to be more efficient, effective and accountable.

In relation to the Public Service Commission, the MPS provides supporting services that enable the Commission to discharge its constitutional responsibilities of making appointments and disciplinary control over the entire Public Service.

Additionally, the Ministry is heavily involved in the promotion and upholding of the Commission’s merit principles in the selection, recruitment and promotion of public officers.

Minister of Public Service

Hon. Makario Tagini

Welcome to the Ministry of Public Service.

Our Mission is to develop a Professional, Innovative, Ethical, and Accountable Public Service, primarily focused on high quality service delivery in a manner that’s responsive, efficient and effective.

We are determined to produce a vibrant public service that delivers outstanding services to the Solomon Islands Government and its people.

Our Services

Ministry services include:

  • Ensuring an impartial and merit based Public Service process for its recruitment and selection, retention and separation undertakings.
  • Ensuring an effective discipline for reputation, efficiency, and constructive performance, including productivity across all Ministries, public institutions and provincial administrations.
  • Managing and coordinating the Public Service Annual Establishment Registry System.
  • Ensuring compliance and enforcement to the public service rules and regulations such as general orders, financial instructions, code of conduct and the Public Service Commission’s regulations.
  • Providing capacity development and skills enrichment to Government employees through its Institute of Public Administration and Management.
  • Administering public service training policies and in-service training opportunities for the entire public service.
  • Document, implement and review the Ministry’s Corporate and Annual Work Plans.
  • Managing and harmonising the public service industrial relations and voice system.
  • Managing and coordinating the general terms and conditions of the public service employment system.
  • Ensuring appropriate and proper organizational structures that best support the functions of the line Ministries.
  • Managing and coordinating the work systems of the public service to ensure the effectiveness of the line Ministries and public institutions.
  • Supporting and coordinating logistics, facilities, human and financial resources in a timely and cost-efficient manner.
  • Coordinating multilateral and bilateral arrangements or engagements of counterparts in the Ministry and the Public Service as a whole.

To achieve its mission, the Ministry delivers services through its six (6) Divisions.

Essential Services

Public Service Recruitment


Public Service Rental Scheme

Long Service Benefit

Divisions and Departments

The Ministry of Public Service has the following Divisions and Departments under its umbrella. You will find quick information about each and their contact details if required.

The Executive Division

The Permanent Secretary is the Head of the Executive Division providing the overall leadership, administration and support for all Divisions of the Ministry.

The Division provides policy advice to the Government through the Minister and oversees the implementation of Government policies with Cabinet decisions relating to governance services. They further provide policy advice to the National Government on policy formulation and implementations.

The Public Service Commission Division

The Public Service Commission (PSC) is an independent body established by the Constitution, and is responsible to appoint, confirm appointments, remove and discipline public officers.

Ministry staff led by the Secretary to the PSC provides the secretariat with services and general administrative support to the Commission. The PSC also performs the important role of performance management for all Permanent Secretaries of the Solomon Islands Government.

The Corporate Services Division

This Division is headed by the Human Resource Manager (HRM) and provides efficient and cost effective services to all divisions of the MPS. This is achieved through an effective procurement system, better procedures for asset management and maintenance, better coordination of Information Communication and Technology Strategies and effective implementation of corporate communications policies. It also provides capacity quality to the Ministry in areas relating to its function.

Governance Performance Management Division

The Governance Performance Management (GPM) Division supports the Ministry in the professional delivery of its mandate by ensuring translation of Government policies into Ministerial Strategic and Corporate Planning. This transcends into ministerial, divisional and individual work programs, plans and activities.

The GPM Division also plays a key role in ensuring the proper coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the programs and activities of the Ministry’s divisions to enable delivery of high quality service.

The Workforce Management Division

The Workforce Management and Planning Division has the overall responsibility to oversee and coordinate the Establishment and Human Resource Management Information System (Aurion), Organization Review and Development, Recruitment and Selection, Separation and Long Service Benefit, and Public Service In-service training.

Institute of Public Administration & Management (IPAM)

The Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) is the training arm of the Government of the Solomon Islands. It is mandated to train the workforce of the Solomon Islands Government on role-focused learning and development services to public officers across different cadres including other sectors.

IPAM designs courses and provides training in public administration, policy, leadership and management, human resource management, ICT, financial management, code of conduct, and many others.

These courses are aimed in providing public officers with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their duties professionally and effectively. IPAM also builds strategic partnerships with other training providers and academic institutions to enhance the quality and range of its Learning and Development programs.

Finance Unit

The Finance Unit is responsible for the Ministry’s financial transactions. Its goal is to establish proper guidelines and procedures that facilitate proper Accounting standards and procedural practices stipulated in the Financial Instruction and Public Financial Management Act. The unit also coordinates with the Ministry of Finance and Treasury on the yearly Government budget.

ICT Unit

The Information Communication and Technology Unit (ICTU) is a unit under the umbrella of the Corporate Services and the Public Service Commission Division that collaborates with the Information Technology Support Unit (ICTSU) and the Ministry of Finance and Treasury. The ICTU provides access to ICT resources along with supporting and maintaining the Ministry’s ICT facilities.

Express Directory

Here you will find the direct contact details for relevant staff at The Ministry of Public Service. Please feel free to get in touch should you have any queries you wish to discuss.

Head Office (+677) 25550 | (+677) 25551| (+677) 25553 | (+677) 25554
Minister (+677) 25550 EXT 201
Permanent Secretary (+677) 25550 EXT 202
Under Secretary – Workforce Management and Planning (+677) 25550 EXT 232
Under Secretary – Governance and Performance Management (+677) 25550 EXT 205
Director – IPAM (+677) 23042 EXT 203
Financial Controller (+677) 25550 EXT 222
Human Resource Manager (+677) 25550 EXT 203
Assistant Secretary – Separation (+677) 25550 EXT 229
Assistant Secretary – Training (+677) 25550 EXT 219
IPAM Receptionist (+677) 25777 | (+677) 23042 | (+677) 23044
Public Service Commission (PSC) Receptionist (+677) 27809 | (+677) 20604
Long Dedicated Service Benefits (LDSB) Retirement Assistant Secretary – Separation (+677) 25550 EXT 229
Retirement Principal Admin Officer – Separation (+677) 25550 EXT 231
Recruitment and Selection Employment Management Unit (EMU) (+677) 25550 EXT 239
In-service Trainings Assistant Secretary – Training (+677) 25550 EXT 219


If you’re in the Solomon Islands and wish to visit us, our office location is provided below for your convenience. We look forward to welcoming you.

Physical Address
Ministry of Public Service
Hibiscus Avenue,
Honiara, Solomon Islands.
Mailing Address
P.O. Box G29, Honiara,
Solomon Islands.
25550 / 25551
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