About the Customs and Excise Division

The Solomon Islands Customs and Excise Division (SICED) is a key contributor in the Government’s commitment to maximising revenue, facilitating trade and protecting the border from the illegal movement of goods and people for the safety of the nation.

SICED ensures compliance with border related laws and administers a range of programs to assist local industries in contributing to economic growth.

The Solomon Islands economy depends on the continued improvement of trade and SICED plays a vital role in facilitating movement of legitimate international trade whilst identifying and responding to non-compliance with the laws of the Solomon Islands.

Our Services

  1. Revenue – to assist manufacturers/importers/exporters to take advantage of new and existing opportunities in local and international markets, whilst ensuring that the revenue base of the Solomon Islands is preserved and voluntary compliance is encouraged.
  2. Border Enforcementto ensure that the Solomon Islands’ borders are kept safe and secure. Customs controls the movement of people and goods in and out of the country with minimum intervention to legitimate trade and travel.
  3. Reform
    • Internal Audit – undertakes a series of counterchecking activities to ensure all processing of debit notes are carried out in an accurate and timely manner.
    • Post Clearance Audit – responsible for the implementation of post clearance auditing activities mainly for the client’s import/export documentation, transactions and records to ensure compliance with standard operating procedures are met. 
  4. Corporate Services – the Human Resource Management team is responsible for a wide range of corporate activities across the Division. This includes:
    • Information Technology
    • Administration, Registry and Secretarial Services
    • Stores and Asset Management
    • Cleaning and Vehicle Services
    • Safety and Security
    • Structure and Establishment
    • Employment Conditions
    • Staffing and Recruitment
    • Staff Welfare and Recreation

Express Directory

Here you will find the direct contact details for relevant staff at the Customs and Excise Division. Please feel free to get in touch should you have any queries you wish to discuss.

Comptroller for Customs & Excise 21060
Customs ASYCUDA Helpdesk 20038
Customs Cashier 20277
Custom Airport 36224
Customs HR 28637
General Enquiry 21060


If you’re in the Solomon Islands and wish to visit us, our office location is provided below for your convenience. We look forward to welcoming you.

Physical Address
Customs and Excise Division
Mendana Avenue,
Honiara, Solomon Islands.
Mailing Address
P.O. Box G16, Honiara,
Solomon Islands.
Opening Hours
Monday–Friday 8:am–5:pm
(Lunch Hour: 12pm–1pm)
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