About the Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock (MAL)

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) is one of the government’s key ministry responsible for formulating, executing, monitoring and coordinating the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) agricultural policies. It has two broad set of responsibilities and functions; one is related to policy and the other is linked to the provision of technical support and regulatory services. With the aim to manage natural resources and improve quality and quantity of production of staple and commodity crops and livestock, MAL continues to work together with government, NGO’s and private sector partners in its service delivery to facilitate and support the development of commercial agriculture and livestock in Solomon Islands.

Minister of Agriculture & Livestock

Hon. Franklyn Derek Wasi


Welcome to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL).

Our mission is to promote, improve and lead agriculture development in Solomon Islands to a profitable and environmentally sustainable future by being the premier provider of information, research, extension, education, regulatory, and other services to improve the agriculture sector.

Our Services

Ministry services include;

  • Facilitate and support the development of commercial agriculture in Solomon Islands.
  • Facilitate research, development and marketing of high value cash crops.
  • Facilitate acquisition of Russell Islands Plantation Estates.
  • Support agro-forestry in the country (SI).
  • Promote oil palm development in other parts of the country.
  • Facilitate and support the development of livestock industry.
  • Enhance and promote sustainable agriculture development in Solomon Islands and ensure the sector contributes to economic growth, stability, food security, good health and rural development through improved rural livelihoods.
  • Promote, improve and ensure leading agricultural developments in Solomon Islands are profitable and environmentally sustainable through the provision of timely and quality agricultural information, research, extension, education and regulatory services throughout the country.

To achieve its mission, the Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock delivers services through its six (6) Departments, seventeen (17) Divisions and eight (8) Units. The six Departments are composed of Divisions through different duties to achieve a common aim, lines of communication and reporting.

Departments and Units

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has the following Departments and Units under its organisational structure. You will find quick information about each and their contact details if required.

Agriculture Planning and Land Use Department

The Agriculture Planning and Land Use Department responsible for planning, policy formulation, monitoring, evaluation of agriculture projects, engaging farmers to form farmers’ organizations, land use practices, provision of up-to-date information through field survey, Geographical Information System (GIS) technologies, market research and information for agriculture commodities; and soil research and development.

Agriculture Extension and Training Department

Agriculture Extension and Training department (service) is defined as the transfer of agricultural technology from experts to farmers, livestock keepers and other stakeholders. The department has three major roles. This include;

  1. The transfer of readily usable technologies.
  2. To simplify technologies which cannot be transferred in the form produced by the research institutions.
  3. To identify and transfer farmers/livestock keepers problems to research institutions.

Other functions also include;

  • Facilitation, development and implementation of Agriculture development programmes (National Food Security Enhancement Programme (NFS), National Agriculture Livelihood Improvement and Export Base Expansion Programme (ALEBE), Sustainable Economic Growth and Export Strengthening (SEGES), etc.
  • Provision of agriculture extension and advisory services.
  • Facilitate the operations of the agriculture training center’s in collaboration with provincial authorities.

Agriculture Research and Development Department

Research and Development department responsibilities include:

  • Lead the researching, collecting, monitoring, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing of relevant information.
  • Conduct research projects and disseminate findings, publications, policies, and procedures available in databases, publications, documents, Internet and other sources.
  • Promote organizational learning, integration of knowledge, and use of information to serve needs of individual staff, MAL projects, agriculture groups, and farmers particularly smallholders.
  • Deliver knowledge-based specialised technical services in crop and livestock priorities, for MAL officer support and thereby farmer development.

Livestock Production and Veterinary Services Department

The Livestock Production and Veterinary Services Department consist of four units. This include: Livestock Research, Development, Extension, and Animal Health and Disease. The department responsible for;

  • Policy & Regulation on National Animal Health and Production services.
  • Livestock development & extension services in all nine provinces.
  • Breeding and distribution of livestock & dissemination of information.
  • Monitor /surveillance on National Animal Health.
  • Conduct research and provide farmer based animal health and production problems.
  • Conduct research for further use/domestication of indigenous animal species.

Biosecurity Solomon Islands Department

Guided by the Biosecurity Act 2013, (refer to link http://www.biosecurity.gov.sb/ for details) and associated regulations and orders, the Biosecurity Department is responsible for maintaining effective biosecurity to protect the country (SI) from pest and diseases, controlling pests and diseases that may enter the country, negotiating market access requirements for agricultural goods being exported and facilitating trade in compliance with international standards.

Note: Updated legislation is currently in draft as the Biosecurity Bill.

Corporate Services Department

Corporate Services Department made up of the Administration and Accounts. It is responsible for supporting Departments with their administrative responsibilities. The department sets the foundation in making sure logistics, capacity building, and payments are done on time. In addition, they ensure officers are comfortable with their job and Human Resource Management issues are dealt with promptly and accurately.

MAL Information Unit

The MAL/Agriculture Information Unit (AIU) also known as Solomon Islands National Agriculture Information Centre (SINAIC) is the Public Relation (PR) arm of the Ministry. It is responsible for the transfer and dissemination of information to the farmers and all stakeholders through Video, Radio, and print materials. The Unit is the premier provider of all agriculture information to farmers, stakeholders and the public throughout the country. It has a library that stores books, journals, newsletters, publications and other learning resources. It also has Internet search capabilities that students and other users can use to collect information.

Land Use Planning Unit

Land Use Planning Unit responsibilities include;

  • Development of Land Use Planning guidelines, process and procedures for national agriculture development projects.
  • Designing and developing of sustainable Land Use Plans and Policy with major consideration to climate change and population pressure on land.
  • Reviewing and revitalizing of Land Purchase Co-operatives.
  • Training and capacity building of Agriculture Extension Officers and Farmers on Land Use & farming practice.
  • Carryout land use surveys and data collection.
  • Data processing and digitizing agriculture project lands.

Agriculture Marketing Unit

Agriculture Marketing Unit duties include;

  • Coordinate with CEMA on exported agriculture commodities with quality control and standards (Cocoa and Copra) begin from farmers and traders.
  • Planning and designing marketing channels and collecting market information.
  • Domestic and International Market Research.
  • Market access coordination.

Geographical Information System (GIS) Unit

  • Gather information and develop database.
  • Facilitate basic trainings on GIS technologies.
  • Develop maps for agricultural developments.
  • Assist in planning.
  • Conduct field surveys.
  • Update use of GIS technologies in Agriculture.

Soils Unit

  • Develop Soil database.
  • Soil database developed to know all the soil types in the country.
  • Coordinate soil development activities.
  • Facilitate trainings on soil improvement.
  • Carryout biosecurity procedures for soil imports and exports.
  • Carryout soil tests, results analysis and reporting.
  • Provide designs for trials.
  • Provide recommendations on use of fertilizers.

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Express Directory

Here you will find the direct contact details for relevant staff at the Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock. Please feel free to get in touch should you have any queries you wish to discuss.

Minister 22143 / 28240
Permanent Secretary 28615
Undersecretary 24569
Corporate Service
General enquiries 22143 / 22145 / 22147 / 24767
Human Resource Manager 20313 Ext 211
Extension Department
General enquiries 25031
Director Extension 28116
Provincial contacts
Malaita Province – Auki 40241
Isabel Province – Buala 35190
Choiseul Province- Taro 63182
Western Province
Gizo 60464
Munda 7545360
Central Province – Tulagi 32252
Guadalcanal Province- Honiara 26043
Temotu Province – Lata 53122
Makira/Ulawa Province- Kirakira 50026
Renbel Province – Tingoa 7217730
Honiara Urban 7116098

Biosecurity Solomon Islands (BSI) Department





General enquiries 24657 / enquiries@biosecurity.gov.sb
Seaport Honiara

Airport Honiara

Surveillance and Post Entry Quarantine




Noro BSI

Gizo BSI



Director BSI 28926
Planning Department
General enquiries 22143
Director Planning 26042
Livestock Department
General enquiries 20226
Director Livestock 23007
Research and Development Department  


General inquiries 34000
Director 23714


If you’re in the Solomon Islands and wish to visit us, our office location is provided below for your convenience. We look forward to welcoming you.


Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock,

P.O. Box G13 Honiara,

Solomon Islands.

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