About the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening

The Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS) was established through Provincial Government Act N0 7 of 1981 which was assented to by the first Governor General of Solomon Islands, Sir Baddeley Devesi on 22nd January 1982 and published in the Gazette in the 80s (date TBC) thus legitimise establishment of the MPGIS.

In the mid-80s until early 90s, the affairs of the Provinces were under the auspices of the Ministry of Home Affairs under the Department of Provincial Governments and Rural Development. By the mid-90s the affairs of the Provincial Governments have already come under a fully-fledged Ministry with the rural development component shifted to the Ministry of Rural Development while the institutional strengthening component was added to become what it is today, the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS).

To date the MPGIS derives its mandates from two legal instruments; the Legal Notice 165 of 2007, and the Provincial Government Act (PGA) 1997.

Mandates according to the Legal Notice 165 of 2007 are;

  1. Provincial Government Department
  2. Community Services
  3. Resettlement Planning and Management Schemes
  4. Provincial Institutional Strengthening
  5. Planning and Execution of Financial Grants to Provinces
  6. Provincial Government Development
  7. Provincial Elections

Mandates under PGA 1997 are;

  • Transfer of Functions
  • Exercise of Functions
  • Finances & Establishments and Management of Funds
  • Management of Special Projects
  • Other general and supplementary matters, including the right on information needed to exercise PG functions

The Minister, being the political head of the Ministry, is the highest executive and as such responsible for overseeing that these tasks are exercised in a transparent and accountable manner.

Minister of the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening

Hon. Rollen Seleso (MP) for South Guadalcanal)

Welcome to the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS)

Our Vision Statement is: ‘Improved Provincial Government Service Delivery System that meets the Needs of the Rural Populace’

Our Mission is: To seek Clarifications & Expansion of the Roles of the Provincial Governments and solicit Resources to facilitate Effective Service Delivery for Improved Living Conditions of all Rural Communities. We will work closely with State Actors and the International Partners to Strengthen the Provincial Institutions for Sustained and Accountable System of Governance’.

Our Services

Our services include:

  • Establishment of Provincial Townships
  • Resettlement Planning and Management Schemes
  • Organising of Bi-Annual Premiers Conference and implement its resolutions
  • Supporting Provincial Second Appointed Days

Essential Services

Our essential services include:

  • Administration and enforcement of the Provincial Government Act 1997
  • Provincial Elections
  • Salaries and allowances of MPAs
  • Transfer of functions/funds to Provinces
  • Assenting to Ordinances
  • Finances and establishments and management of funds
  • Provincial services
  • Institutional Strengthening of Provincial Governments
  • Capacity Building of Provincial Assemblies, Executives and Administrations
  • Provincial Development Planning
  • Public Expenditure Management Systems and Public Finance
  • Participatory Planning, Social Accountability, and Ward Committees
  • Provincial Budgets and Funding System

Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting systems to ensure accountability and transparency

Divisions and Departments

The MPGIS has the following Divisions under its umbrella. You will find quick information about each and their contact details if required.


Executive Division

The Executive Division is led by the Minister of MPGIS, Hon. Rollen Seleso (MP). The Permanent Secretary heads the Senior Management Team of MPGIS as the Accountable Officer. He is supported by the Deputy Secretary Operations and the Chief Technical Advisor (CTA) under the Provincial Governance Strengthening Programme (PGSP).

Executive Division in 2022. Minister Hon. Rollen Seleso (in grey suit) flanked by PS Stanley Dick Pirione on his right and CTA Momodou Lamin Sawaneh seated to his left. Seated on his far right is DS John Misitee. Standing behind them are Heads of Divisions: (L-R) Robert Kaua, Christian Siale, Silvester Tiki, Dorothy Kiko, Sussie Iro, Lydinah Kopana

The mission of the MPGIS Executive is to: Provide the Ministry and the Provincial Government Executives the required visionary leadership and technical support in policy development, interpretation, and implementation in line with the National Development Strategies, DCGA Policy Statement and the SDGs to facilitate service delivery at provincial and community level.

The functions of the MPGIS Executive are:

  1. Policy formulation and guidelines for implementation in line with National Development Strategy Objectives and the DCGA Policy Statement.
  2. Overall policy direction and supervision of SIG policies as applicable to the Ministry and the Provinces.
  3. Supervise the implementation of Provincial Government Act 1997 and ensure its revision.
  4. Oversee the implementation of Government Regulations and other Cabinet decisions by mainstreaming them in the recurrent and capital development budgets of MPGIS and the nine provinces.
  5. Supervision and monitoring of Divisional heads through regular reporting mechanisms.
  6. Oversee the implementation of performance management process policy initiated by MPS.
  7. Oversee the application of the tailor-made PMP for the nine provincial governments as formulated by the MPGIS and endorsed by the MPS.
  8. Policy development support to provincial executive.
  9. Seek resources from the SIG to finance the sustainable implementation of participatory planning and social accountability.
  10. Lead the mobilisation of resources from SIG and donor partners to upscale capital development funds of PCDF.
  11. Coordination of Premiers Conference and mainstreaming the conference cost in MPGIS annual budget.
  12. Advise the Minister on important policy issues including legal advice.
  13. Strengthen the MPGIS internal audit division with expertise to make the division function effectively.
  14. Establish monitoring divisions and ensure routine monitoring of key PG and MPGIS infrastructures at the provincial and community level.
  15. Strengthen the public expenditure management capacity of PGs to improve audit reports.
  16. Carry out detailed expenditure assessment of the nine PGs in preparation for the re-submission of Revenue Sharing Scheme Bill to the Cabinet.
  17. Fiscal decentralisation Policy advocacy on behalf of provincial governments.

Coordinating and administering PGSP in line with Objective 5 and 4 of National Development Strategy and the approved project document.


Internal Audit Division

Internal Audit team in 2022: John Talu, Peter Tolifaeki, Mark Sulumae

The Audit Division is currently manned by three officers; a Chief Audit Officer, and two Principal Audit Officers. The internal audit division in MPGIS needs technical specialist to support the audit work in the PGs and the MPGIS.

The mission of the Audit Division is to promote internal control systems at MPGIS and Provincial Governments aligning with DCC policy no (d) (iii), and to support institutional strengthening of PGs systems.

Functions of the Division are to:

  • To conduct a compliance and comprehensive review of MPGIS financial transactions for each fiscal year to ascertain efficiency of internal controls and compliance with laws and regulations of SIG.

To carry out audit review on financial Transactions of the nine Provincial Governments for each fiscal year to ascertain efficiency and effectiveness of the enforcement of internal controls and compliance with the relevant legislation, policies and other laws in the PGs.


Finance Division

Finance Team in 2022: (clockwise) Gabriel Hauato, Raylyn Lilia, Allan Aru, Joyce Navala

The Finance Division is manned by five officers. There is a Supervising Financial Controller heading the Division and supported by a Chief Accountant, a Principal Accountant, and two Senior Accountants.

The mission of the Division is to: Establish proper guidelines and procedures required to ensure proper accounting standards and procedures with regards to revenues and expenditures are followed and implemented through capacity building of Ministry and Provincial Government officials in public expenditure management systems.

The functions of the Finance Division are to:

  • Establish proper accounting guidelines and procedures.
  • Develop effective control mechanisms for the Ministry and the provincial governments.
  • Ensure compliance to Financial Management Ordinances and Financial Instructions.
  • Ensure quality and timely financial reports inclusive of PCDF.
  • Develop effective revenue mobilization strategy.
  • Provide financial advice to the executive and the Minister.
  • Ensure timely and adequate funds are provided to provincial governments.
  • Ensure reduction of audit disclaimer and qualified audit reports.


Provincial Governance Strengthening Programme (PGSP)

PGSP team at the Ministry HQ in 2022: (clockwise) Baddeley Dickson Nukumuna, Momodou Lamin Sawaneh, Geoffrey Vakolevae

The PGSP is now incorporated as a division in the Ministry with its own established chart of account. The division has a recurrent and development budget component. In 2021 the division had 12 officers: Programme Management Expert, PCDF Coordinator, Communications Officer, Provincial Capacity Development Officer, PCDAs (6). The division does not have a director yet, but it works closely with the Deputy Secretary Operations, the PS MPGIS and all other divisional heads and staff within the Ministry. The PCDAs report primarily to the PSs in the Provinces.

The PGSP sets out to provide capacity building and high-level technical support to the Ministry to be able to supervise the PGA 1997, develop the existing capabilities of the Ministry and the Provincial Government for effectively delivery. The program solicits and mobilise resources for the Ministry and the Provincial Governments to facilitate the funding for its critical mandates.

The functions of the PGSP are to:

  • Develop capacity of the MPGIS and the PGs in Public Financial Management (PFM) and Public Sector Reform.
  • Technically support the Ministry and the PGs in implementing Performance-Based Grants System.
  • Develop capacity of the PGs in Public Expenditure Managements (PEM) systems
  • Provide technical support to the Ministry and the PGs to come up with policies for effective decentralized service delivery.
  • Develop policies and strategies for PFM and PEM reforms.
  • Leverage funding for financing PG capital development projects and recurrent budgets.
  • Provide technical support to promote Participatory Planning and Social Accountability.
  • Build capacities of Provincial Elected Leaders for proper management of public resources.
  • Technically support the MPGIS to implement Government Policies and Strategies.
  • Technically support the review of the PGA 1997 and other subsidiary legislations to promote enhanced service delivery.


Provincial Governance Division

PGD in 2022: (clockwise) Alfred Gatho, Jeff Wanega, Robert Kaua Janet Talunago

The PGD is headed by a Director supported by a Principal Capacity Development Officer and two Senior Capacity Development Officers.

The mission of the PGD is to: Strengthen the Provincial Assemblies in appreciating their roles and responsibilities to enable them to play an effective oversight role in public sector service delivery which shall make Provincial Governments as key players in the implementation of NDS and the MDGs.

The functions of the PGD are to:

  • Coordinating all Provincial Elections.
  • Coordinate civic education to encourage citizen participation in political process.
  • Coordinates capacity building for Members of Provincial Assemblies including inductions.
  • Identifying and assessing capacity needs of Provincial Governments including MPAs.
  • Carry out Training Needs Assessment and develop comprehensive training manual for the MPAs.


Corporate Services Division

CSD in 2022: (clockwise) Melanie Fanasia, Chris Siale, Lisinta Mae, Junita siofa

The division currently has two Senior Officers; Chief Administrative Officer, and the Principal Administrative Officer who are supported by a Receptionist and a Cleaner. The position of a Central Registry Officer is vacant since 2021.


The mission of the CSD is to: Provide efficient and cost-effective services to the various divisions of the MPGIS through effective procurement system, better procedures for asset management and maintenance, better coordination of ICT strategies and effective implementation of corporate communications policies.


The functions of the CSD are to:

  1. Coordinate all procurements on behalf of the Ministry
  2. Asset management.
  3. Coordination of ICT strategies at the MPGIS and Provincial Governments
  4. Implementation of corporate communication policies
  5. Tender processes
  6. Provision of logistic and other services support to all other divisions
  7. Headquarter office general welfare
  8. Timely payments of MPA salaries, allowances and officer’s rents.


MPGIS Monitoring Division

MMD in 2022: (l-r) Sharon Rua, Napoleon Poropaina, Silvester Tiki

The current manpower in the division is three. There is recruitment process to replace one director to head the division plus an additional Chief Works Officer.

The mission of the monitoring division is to: Continuously monitor and evaluate PG level and WDC development projects to ensure timely delivery of projects, and provide feedback to facilitate timely intervention to rectify issues observed during monitoring.

The functions are to:

  • Monitoring of development projects such as PCDF/SIG Funded Projects and WDG Projects transferred to WDCs.
  • Monitoring the performance and effectiveness of WDC in all 9 Provinces in 172 wards
  • Monitor the effectiveness of capacity building being offered by the Provincials officers, MPGIS to community support officers and WDC
  • Monitoring of project implementation processes including procurement and contract processes and procedures.
  • Verify as to whether PPDC coordinate with sector Ministries in using standard designs for all SIG, PCDF and Provincial funded projects.
  • Verify the effectiveness of PG monitoring by PCDAs, Engineers and Assistant Engineers of all projects.
  • Other engineering support to PGs when requested


Human Resources Development Division

HRD in 2022: (clockwise) Steve Frank Tafea, Dorothy Kiko, Jaimmie Wale

The Human Resource Development Division has three officers. The Human Resource Manager, the Principal Human Resource Manager and the Senior Human Resource Manager.

The HRDD mission is to: Mobilise resources for effective recruitment to fill all vacant positions through open merit process by working closely with the Ministry Executive and the Ministry of Public Service. Proper induction courses would be conducted for newly recruited officers to enable them to appreciate the basic principles of how public service works including principles of ethical behaviour and to further clarify their roles as per their job descriptions.

The functions of the HRDD are to:

  • Coordinate all recruitment processes
  • Coordinate induction programme for all newly appointed officers
  • Coordinate with IPAM all capacity building initiatives designed for provincial officers on public service procedures
  • Provision of core officers in the Provincial Governments
  • Staff retention and succession plan strategy
  • Coordinate staff appraisal and evaluations
  • HRM as a gender focal person to be responsible for mainstreaming activities on gender

Express Directory

Hon. Rollen SelesoMinisterExecutive42108Rollen.Seleso@npsi.gov.sb
Stanley Dick PirionePermanent SecretaryExecutive42119SPirione@mpgis.gov.sb
John MisiteeDeputy SecretaryExecutive42104JMisitee@mpgis.gov.sb
Sussie IroExecutive Personal SecretaryExecutive28606SIro@mpgis.gov.sb
Dorothy KikoHuman Resource ManagerHuman Resource Division (HRD)42106DKiko@mpgis.gov.sb
Steve Frank TafeaPrincipal Administration OfficerHRD42113STafea@mpgis.gov.sb
Jaimmie Wale GeisaeSenior Human Resource OfficerHRD42110JWale@mpgis.gov.sb
Lydinah KopanaSupervising Financial ControllerFinance Division (FD)42107LKopana@mpgis.gov.sb
Priscilla ChekaChief Accountant (Provinces)FD42112PCheka@mpgis.gov.sb
Allan AruPrincipal Accountant & CA HQ (Supervising)FD42112aaru@mpgis.gov.sb
Raylyn LiliaSenior AccountantFD42116RLilia@mpgis.gov.sb
Gabriel HauatoSenior AccountantFD42112GHauato@mpgis.gov.sb
Mark SulumaePrincipal AuditorInternal Audit Division (IAD)42105MSulumae@mpgis.gov.sb
John TaluChief AuditorIAD42105JTalu@mpgis.gov.sb
Peter TolifaekiPrincipal AuditorIAD42105PTolifaeki@mpgis.gov.sb
Christian SialeChief Admin OfficerCooperate Services Division (CSD)42113chrisiale@mpgis.gov.sb
Melanie FanasiaPrincipal Admin OfficerCSD42113mfanasia@mpgis.gov.sb
Lisinta MaeAssistant Admin OfficerCSD42111LMae@mpgis.gov.sb
Samson TalafunuDriverCSD42113STalafunu@mpgis.gov.sb
Junity SiofaOrderly CleanerCSD42111JSiofa@mpgis.gov.sb
Robert Kaua DolaiasiDirectorProvincial Governance Division (PGD)42116rkaua@mpgis.gov.sb
Janet TalunagoPrincipal Development OfficerPGD42116j.talunago@mpgis.gov.sb
Alfred GathoSnr Capacity Development OfficerPGD42116AGatho@mpgis.gov.sb
Jeff WanegaSnr Capacity Development OfficerPGD42116JWanega@mpgis.gov.sb
Silvester TikiChief Infrastructure OfficerMonitoring and Evaluation (M&E)42114stiki@mpgis.gov.sb
Napoleon PoropainaMonitoring and Evaluation OfficerM&E42114NPoropaina@mpgis.gov.sb
Sharon RuaMonitoring and Evaluation OfficerM&E42116SRua@mpgis.gov.sb
Momodou Lamin SawanehChief Technical Advisor (CTA)Provincial Governance Strengthening Programme (PGSP/MPGIS)22525sawanehl@gmail.com
Geoffrey VakolevaeProvincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF) CoordinatorPGSP/MPGIS22525GVakolevae@mpgis.gov.sb
Baddeley Dickson NukumunaCommunication OfficerPGSP/MPGIS22525nukumuna@gmail.com
VacantProvincial SecretaryMalaita Executive
David TuitaDeputy Provincial SecretaryMalaita Executivedtuita@mpgis.gov.sb
Peter Z HerehuraProvincial Planning CoordinatorMalaita PlanningPHerehura@mpgis.gov.sb
Francis IrofimaeProvincial TreasurerMalaita Financefirofimae@gmail.com
Hendrik FaásifoabaeDeputy Provincial TreasurerMalaita FinanceHFasifoabae@mpgis.gov.sb
Paul WakioProvincial Capacity Development Advisor (PCDA)Malaita Executivepwakiorahu@gmail.com
Danny WaneoroaPlanning SpecialistMalaita Planningdanwaneoroa@gmail.com
VacantProcurement SpecialistMalaita Planning
Joseph NunuaAccountant SpecialistMalaita FinanceJNunua@mpgis.gov.sb
Teddy IrumaiProvincial EngineerMalaita Workstedsmanpora@gmail.com
Assistant EngineerMalaita Works
VacantProvincial SecretaryMakira Ulawa Executive
Wilson RafiauDeputy Provincial SecretaryMakira Ulawa Executive50245Wilson.Rafiau@mpgis.gov.sb
Cecilia WaokahiProvincial Planning CoordinatorMakira Ulawa Planningcicilia24sinediie@gmail.com
Eunice BeaDeputy Provincial TreasurerMakira Ulawa Finance50023Eunice.Bea@mpgis.gov.sb
VacantProvincial Capacity Development Advisor (PCDA)Makira Ulawa Executive50076
Francis SuluaPlanning SpecialistMakira Ulawa PlanningFSulua@mpgid.gov.sb
Moses HaganitotoProcurement SpecialistMakira Ulawa Planningmhaganitoto@gmail.com
VacantAccountant SpecialistMakira Ulawa Finance
Richard MarahoraProvincial EngineerMakira Ulawa Works50076richard.marahora@gmail.com
Frank TorilofaAssistant EngineerMakira Ulawa Works50076
Jeffrey WickhamProvincial SecretaryWestern Executive60250zepi.wickham36@gmail.com
Patrick ToiraenaDeputy Provincial SecretaryWestern Executive60250PToiraena@mpgis.gov.sb
Lathernward PiokeraProvincial TreasurerWestern FinanceLPiokera@mpgis.gov.sb
VacantProvincial Planning CoordinatorWestern Planning
Albert BinoaDeputy Provincial TreasurerWestern Finance60250albertbinoa@gmail.com
Korolyn ZutuProvincial Capacity Development Advisor (PCDA)Western Executive60250zutukorolyn@gmail.com
Nixon QurusuPlanning SpecialistWestern Planning60250qurusnixon@gmail.com
Jone MasaProcurement SpecialistWestern Planning60250jonemasa@gmail.com
Joe TefenoliAccountant SpecialistWestern Finance60250JTefenoli@mpgis.gov.sb
Osborne VaganaProvincial EngineerWestern Works60250osbornvangana23@gmail.com
Darren TefenoliAssistant EngineerWestern Works60250tefenolidarren@gmail.com
Gavin TotuNoro Town ClerkNoro Townshipgavintotu2019@gmail.com
Alex AlezamaNoro Town TreasurerNoro TownshipAAlezama@mpgis.gov.sb
Mary SauPersonal SecretaryNoro Townshipmary.sau@mpgis.gov.sb
VacantProvincial SecretaryIsabel Executive35094ps@isabel.gov.sb
Rex ManaseDeputy Provincial SecretaryIsabel Executive35079RManase@mpgis.gov.sb
Abraham BualoChief Legal AdvisorIsabel Executive35094abualo@mpgis.gov.sb
Eilleen BaragamuProvincial TreasurerIsabel Finance35031EBaragamu@mpgis.gov.sb
Natasha Grace EtaProvincial Planning CoordinatorIsabel Planning35207GEta@mpgis.gov.sb
Titus NgeleaDeputy Provincial TreasurerIsabel Finance35079TNgelea@mpgis.gov.sb
Joseph RamoProvincial Capacity Development Advisor (PCDA)Isabel Finance35207Ramo.joseph48@gmail.com
Norman HiropuhiPlanning SpecialistIsabel Planning35207NHiropuhi@mpgis.gov.sb
Charles KoroniProcurement SpecialistIsabel Planning35207CKoroni@mpgis.gov.sb
Ben ArilasiAccountant SpecialistIsabel Finance35079hicksarilasi2019@gmail.com
Tom Ro’uhauProvincial EngineerIsabel Works35145trouhau2018@gmail.com
Godfrey F HouAssistant EngineerIsabel Works35145GHou@mpgis.gov.sb
Allan SialeProvincial SecretaryCentral Executive32014alanchris20@gmail.com
Gabriel AgutuzepoProvincial TreasurerCentral Finance32221agutuzepo@gmail.com
Delilah LoweDeputy Provincial SecretaryCentral Executive32004dpscentralprovince@yahoo.com
John RapemoraProvincial Planning CoordinatorCentral Planning32004johnrapemora@gmail.com
Marvin ParinaProvincial TreasurerCentral Financemarvinparina512@gmail.com
Adrian ToniProvincial Capacity Development Advisor (PCDA)Central Executive32004adrianmtoni@gmail.com
Charles KonaiPlanning SpecialistCentral Planning32004CKonai@mpgis.gov.sb
Emmanuel ButafaProcurement SpecialistCentral Planning32004ebutafa122@gmail.com
Jenny TuraAccountant SpecialistCentral Finance32221jentura2018@gmail.com
Reginald R MwakiProvincial EngineerCentral Works32004reginaldmwaki@gmail.com
Timmy Nanai SiosiAssistant EngineerCentral Works32004kwaiboe@gmail.com
Timothy NgeleProvincial SecretaryGuadalcanal Executive26034timothy.gpg@gmail.com
Maesac R SuiaProvincial SecretaryGuadalcanal Executive26034mrsuia@gmail.com
Fredolyn RickyProvincial Planning CoordinatorGuadalcanal Planning20041fredolyn.ricky@gmail.com
Joyce Navala BosoboeProvincial TreasurerGuadalcanal Finance28025joycebnavala@gmail.com
Guy S JagabatuDeputy Provincial TreasurerGuadalcanal Finance28025jagabatu2021@gmail.com
Junior LanaSenior Planning OfficerGuadalcanal Planning25012ljwayneigh4@gmail.com
Rhoda MeleuProvincial Capacity Development Advisor (PCDA)Guadalcanal Executivemeleuroda@gmail.com
Max TovaPlanning SpecialistGuadalcanal Planning20041maxtova@gmail.com
Timothy Maehioro WatekaryProcurement SpecialistGuadalcanal Planning20041timothy.watekary@mpgis.gov.sb
Dorah EricAccountant SpecialistGuadalcanal Finance20041dorahkoho2016@gmail.com
Ralph Lulute’eProvincial EngineerGuadalcanal Works25028r_lulutee@yahoo.co.nz
Steward KiluaAssistant EngineerGuadalcanal Works25028stewardkilua@gmail.com
Allan AgasiProvincial SecretaryTemotu Executive53037pstemotu@gmail.com
Elvis KekegoloDeputy Provincial SecretaryTemotu Executive53032s01004059@yahoo.com
Jerome AveProvincial TreasurerTemotu Finance53072jeromave2018@gmail.com
VacantProvincial Planning CoordinatorTemotu Planning
May DaiwoDeputy Provincial TreasurerTemotu Financeferolyndaiwo@gmail.com
VacantProvincial Capacity Development Advisor (PCDA)Temotu Executive
Casper TuploPlanning SpecialistTemotu Planningcustur_4joln@yahoo.com.sg
Giles Brunox ForauProcurement SpecialistTemotu Planninggb4rau@gmail.com
John MarkAccountant SpecialistTemotu Financejmarkstabex@gmail.com
VacantProvincial Engineer
Wilson MamubulouAssistant Engineerwjmabulou@gmail.com
Geoffrey PakipotaProvincial SecretaryChoiseul Executive63128geoffreypakipota@gmail.com
Nelson KereDeputy Provincial SecretaryChoiseul Executive63187ntkere@gmail.com
Samuel KeqaProvincial TreasurerChoiseul Finance63141sgkeqa@gmail.com
Cynthia BaripapaProvincial Planning CoordinatorChoiseul Planning63185Cynthia12baripapa@gmail.com
Charles TagimanaDeputy Provincial TreasurerChoiseul Finance63141tagimanacharles@gmail.com
VacantProvincial Capacity Development Advisor (PCDA)Choiseul Executive
Miligan PinaPlanning SpecialistChoiseul Planning63185MPina@mpgis.gov.sb
Selwyn VasuniProcurement SpecialistChoiseul Planning63185SVasuni@mpgis.gov.sb
Basilio SolevuduAccountant SpecialistChoiseul Finance63141bassysole@yahoo.co
Robert VavozoProvincial EngineerChoiseul Works63142
Lynus PelokoAssistant EngineerChoiseul Works63142lpeloko@gmail.com
vacantProvincial SecretaryRenBel Executive
Aubrey SauehaDeputy Provincial SecretaryRenBel Executivesaueha@gmail.com
Seth TamuaProvincial TreasurerRenBel FinanceTupaukius007@gmail.com
Stanley KatahaProvincial Planning CoordinatorRenBel Planningskataha@gmail.com
Christina NasiuProvincial Capacity Development Advisor (PCDA)RenBel Executivenasiuchristina@gmail.com
Walter Baddeley SaloPlanning SpecialistRenBel PlanningWSalo@mpgis.gov.sb
Patrick WasiraoProcurement SpecialistRenBel Planningpwasiraro@gmail.com
Rayden KakadiAccountant SpecialistRenBel Financeraydenkakadi@gmail.com
Glen TauniuProvincial EngineerRenBel WorksGTauniu@mpgis.gov.sb
Daniel TaupongiAssistant EngineerRenBel Worksdannebakaganga@gmail.com


If you’re in the Solomon Islands and wish to visit us, our office location is provided below for your convenience. We look forward to welcoming you.

Physical Address

Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening
Level 2
Anthony Saru Building
Hibiscus Avenue
Point Cruz
Solomon Islands

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