About the Ministry of Health & Medical Services

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services is responsible to lead, improve and strengthen the Solomon Island health system in service to the Government and the people to deliver quality health service, reduce sickness, prevent the loss of young lives and relieve suffering.

Minister of Health & Medical Services

Hon. Culwick Togamana

Welcome to The Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

Our vision for health goes beyond fighting disease; we intend to contribute to the wellbeing of all our people. Happiness is more than a smile – it is people who are content, fulfilled, and have the freedom to live the life they choose.

Productivity is more than making money – it is people who are not dependent but self-reliant, who live in a sustainable way, and are able to contribute to our society. Together we will work to support our people to be Healthy, Happy and Productive.

Our Services

Ministry services include:

  • Ensure all national divisions, programmes and provinces plan and implement operational plans according to priorities, budget allocated, SIG regulations and international standards.
  • Ensure all resources are used effectively and efficiently
  • Report, regulate and monitor health funds throughout the health system in the Solomon Islands down to rural health facilities, communities and the peripheral.
  • Enforce and develop all health standards, regulations and guidelines in the Solomon Islands in accordance with Health service acts and policies.
  • Provide health services and raise awareness to the people of Solomon Islands on behalf of SIG.
  • Develop and improve partnership with all development partners and donors in all different programmes in the Ministry of Health.
  • National Health Programmes:
    1. Vector Borne Disease Control Programme
    2. Sexually Transmitted Infection & HIV Programme
    3. Non-Communicable Disease Programme
    4. Tuberculosis & Leprosy Control Programme
    5. Reproductive & Child Health Programme
    6. Community Based Rehabilitation Programme

To achieve its mission, the Ministry delivers services through its twenty-five (25) Divisions.

Essential Services



Rural Water Supply & Sanitation

Health Centres

Specialised Medical Service


Emergency Services


Divisions / Departments & National Programs

The Ministry of Health & Medical Services has the following Divisions, Departments, National Programs and Provincial Health Services under its umbrella. You will find quick information about each and their contact details if required.

Central Headquarters and Administration

The Ministry of Health central HQ and Administration provides all administrative support for the whole of the Ministry including Finance, Payroll, Human resource management and Traininng. It is the focal administrive office that also supports the provincial health services.

National Eye Care Division

The main function of the National Eye Care is to provide eye care services and treatment to people. This also includes raising awareness to communities in understanding the risks in how diet can influence eye care. Its core function is to also strategically plan eye care activities, policies and stakeholder engagements necessary for improving eye services in the Solomon Islands.

Policy and Planning Division

The Policy and Planning Division’s key function is to ensure all national divisions, programmes and provincial activities is directed towards achieving the National Health Strategic Plan (NHSP) of the Ministry. It also ensures all proper policies are developed, implemented and regulated such as the Health Services Act.

Internal Audit

The role of the Internal Audit is to follow up and do financial performance audits on all provincial health services. This also includes leading fraud investigations in consultation with MOFT audit and other relevant stakeholders. It also ensures that all provinces and divisions meet financial audit standards and requirements of the Solomon Islands Government.

National Dental Program

The role of the National Dental Program is to improve administration and management of dental services to effectively meet the demand for oral health care that is safe, affordable and of good quality for all Solomon Islanders. It also involves working with NGOs and other stakeholders that includes the promotion of oral health programs in schools and communities.

National Environmental Health Programme

The National Environmental Health Program provides a key role for the Ministry of Health. It ensures that all acts, policies and regulations under the National Environmental Act are implemented and monitored. It also implements targeted activities that are planned towards achieving the NHSP of MHMS.

National Health Promotion

The National Health Promotion acts as the focal communications office for the Ministry of Health. It provides advocacy functions that includes facilitation of all health information awareness, news, training, advice and distribution of health information.

National Health Training and Research

The National Health Training and Research Unit focuses on enhancing and improving the capacity of all officers within the Ministry of Health. It also acts as the focal office for guiding, approving and monitoring of all health research activities that includes partnering with other University institutions.

National HIV / STI

They are responsible for the implementation of all HIV / STI health activities, programs and functions which also includes providing awareness and monitoring of all HIV / STI patients.

National Public Health Laboratory Program

The program provides all public health laboratory services for all Solomon Islanders with quality checks and monitoring through Water Bacterial Testing, Food Bacterial Testing, and Environmental Testing.

In addition, they carry out investigation of water and food illness, investigation of environmental pollution and contaminants, and responding to emergency and natural disasters.

National Medical Imaging Services

The role of the department is to focus on maintaining and managing existing services as well as increasing outreach and support to provincial health centres.

Since the radiology workflow is electronically based, maintaining this service is usually dependent on the functionality of the radiology information system and the picture archives computerized system.

National Medical Store

The National Medical Store manages and monitors medicine and drug supplies for all SIG health facilities. It also manages procurement and distribution of drugs to the provincial health centres and / or Government run health centres.

Social Welfare and Gender Base Violence

The role of the Social Welfare and Gender Base Violence Department is to support and train child welfare officers on child protection. This includes community outreach programs, providing home assessment and interviews, and more significantly to ensure children are brought up in a safe and secure environment. It also ensures that women and mothers have equal rights and are free from violence and mistreatments.

Public Health Emergency and Surveillance

This office is responsible for the monitoring and implementation of all public health emergency and surveillance activities that also includes disaster response support activities.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Division

This division carries out provincial supervisory visits, along with developing population and service data for persons with disability. They also implemented a database for the national division and review/rationalize referral and assessment forms.

In addition, the division participates in empowering people with disability and providing them with rehabilitation services.

Nursing Council Board

The Nursing Council Board is the focal committee that manages and makes high- level decisions regarding Solomon Islands’ nursing officer postings, staff affairs, clinical training and proffessional development and nursing recruitments.

National Vector Borne Disease Control

The National Vector Borne Disease Control program has a key role in identifying and reducing the number of Malaria cases in the Solomon Islands, and this includes working with all provincial health services.

National TB / Leprosy Program

The National Tuberculosis Program (NTP) is among the six priority programs of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

The NTP is operationally integrated into general health services. The ultimate goal of the program is to reduce the burden of TB in the Solomon Islands as outlined in the National Health Strategic Plan 2016-2020 and in the National TB Strategic Plan 2018-2020.

National Reproductive and Child Health

The National Reproductive and Child Health Program focuses on all child and adolescent health and maternal health care activities for mothers. It is the focal office that oversees all activities in the Solomon Islands including provinces.

National Referral Hospital

The National Referral Hospital acts as the tertiary care or end point of the Solomon Islands health system. It deals with all specialized services such as Orthopaedics, Surgery, Eyecare, etc.

National Pharmacy Division

The National Pharmacy Division’s responsibility is to ensure the complete, equal and safe access to essential medicines for the entire population of the Solomon Islands.

This is achieved through the rational use of medicines, transparent procurement of medicines and medical devices with appropriate quality control measures in place to avoid counterfeit and substandard products and essential medicines.

National Nursing Administration

The National Nursing Administration Unit’s role is to administer all nurses’ welfare. This includes recruitment of nurses, training, disciplinary and management of posting for all nurses in the Solomon Islands through the National Nursing Council.

Non-Communicable Disease Program

The Program acts as the key driver that ensures the activities for reducing and preventing NCDs in the Solomon Islands are implemented effectively and monitored.

The support of other technical partners in the program also spearheads the development and regulation of relevant acts and policies in relation to other stakeholders. It also ensures that services are provided for NCD with data collected from the different levels of facilities in the Solomon Islands.

National Mental Health

The role of the National Mental Health Division is to oversee and provide mental health and rehabilitative psychiatric services to patients in the Solomon Islands including provinces.It also ensures that legislations and policies are developed and reviewed to suit the needs and relevant service standards and requirements.

Express Directory

Here you will find the direct contact details for relevant staff at The Ministry of Health & Medical Services. Please feel free to get in touch should you have any queries you wish to discuss.

Minister’s Office Phone: 22376 | Fax: 20085
Permanent Secretary for Health 28610
Under Secretary Corporate Services 27516
National Referral Hospital Switch Board 44000
Human Resource & Administration 28045
Finance & Accounts Division General Office 20830
Planning & Policy Division 23205
Executive Personnel Secretary 20830 / 20831
Senior Admin & Payroll 22857
Financial Controller 24532
Director of Nursing 28234
Disease Prevention Control Unit (Director) 28210
Reproductive Health & Family Planning 28169
Health Promotion Department 20207
National Environmental Health Program 25513
Social Welfare Office 20569
Dental Department 28185
National Medical Store 30895
Western Provincial Health Service 60224
Malaita Provincial 40272
Guadalcanal Provincial Health Service 20041
Temotu Provincial Health Service 53045
Isabel Provincial Health Service 35120 / 35068
Central Provincial Health Service 32087
Makira Provincial Health Service 50211
Renbel Provincial Health Service 28043
Choiseul Provincial Health Service 63190


If you’re in the Solomon Islands and wish to visit us, our office location is provided below for your convenience. We look forward to welcoming you.

Physical Address
Ministry of Health and Medical Services
Old China Town, Kukum Highway,
Honiara, Solomon Islands.
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 349, Honiara,
Solomon Islands.

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