About the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources

The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources is responsible for Fisheries and Marine Resources, Aquaculture, Research on fisheries resources with potential for development, and Fisheries Extension Services.

Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources

Hon. Nestor Ghiro

Welcome to the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources.

Our Mission is to provide effective services to facilitate sustainable management and development of our fisheries and aquatic resources for the benefit of all Solomon Islanders.

Our Services

Ministry services include:

  • Coordinating all fisheries activities operating within the 200 miles economic zone of the Solomon Islands.
  • Improving current fishing facilities to encourage local fishermen to effectively preserve and market their fish and other perishable marine products.
  • Ensuring that the harvesting practices of all marine resources are properly coordinated and monitored so that certain resources are not depleted unnecessarily.

To achieve its mission, the Ministry delivers services through its seven (7) Divisions.

Essential Services

Fishing License

Organisational Chart

Divisions and Departments

The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources has the following Divisions and Departments under its umbrella. You will find quick information about each and their contact details if required.


The Inshore Division manages the interaction between people and their inshore fisheries, aquatic resources and their environment. This is done by providing information and facilitating sustainable management for livelihoods, food and nutritional security.


The Offshore Division deals with Tuna Fisheries and related Fisheries within the 200NM EEZ. This ensures that the Solomon Islands Government receives maximum economic benefit from commercial fishing activities while ensuring the sustainability of Tuna stock.

Provincial Fisheries

The Provincial Fisheries Division connects the Ministry to provincial Governments, rural people and key partners. This is to mobilise available resources to effectively deliver services that empower fishers, farmers and resource users to develop and manage fisheries in the provinces.

Project Management

The Project Management Division is responsible to provide project management and coordination for all SIG and development partners’ programmes and projects funded under the Ministry.

Policy and Planning

The Policy and Planning Division is responsible to develop and review fisheries policies, legislations and plans pertaining to the Ministry’s mission and vision.


The Aquaculture Division is responsible for cultivating freshwater and saltwater populations under controlled conditions to improve livelihood and food security for all Solomon Islanders.

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Division is responsible to create the enabling environment to support all Ministry staff to deliver their services effectively, practice teamwork, and ultimately strengthen the work of the Ministry as a whole.

Express Directory

Here you will find the direct contact details for relevant staff at The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources. Please feel free to get in touch should you have any queries you wish to discuss.   

Filter by:

Name PositionDepartment ExtDirect line
Switchboard Switchboard Switchboard 200 39143 / 39151 / 30564 / 39092 / 39093
Hon. Nestor GiroMinister Executive 201
Dr. Christain RamofafiaPSExecutive 202
Naomi. TEPSExecutive 203
Lilly. RillifiaAEPSExecutive 203
UST Technical UST Technical Executive 208
Patterson LusiUSCExecutive 257
Eddie HoniwalaDirectorExecutive 209
Francis TofuakaloDD (Offshore)Executive 211
Jan Oli PituCFO (MO)Executive 224
Ben BugaDDPExecutive 258
Rosalie MasuDD (Inshore)Executive 205
Ronnelle PandaDDPPPMExecutive 231
Alick MisibiniFCAccounts212
Caroline. MPAOAccounts250
Agnes KabuiPA (Observer)Accounts215
Naelyn BintaAccountant OfficerAccounts215
Tom RarakaniHRMAdministration232
Marylyn WatePAOAdministration249
Melanie TekuluSAOAdministration249
Lilian HasiamaneAAOAdministration249
Jerry AsiparaCOAdministration249
Natina TaisauRegistrar Registry251
Samantha TutiProject CoordinatorPROP233
Johnston PituvakaProject AccountantPROP30789
Mary DaudauProject OFFICERPROP30789
Emma BAsst. Project & Finance OfficerPROP30789
Pattere Julio AihunuBINA CoordinatorPolicy & Project Planning Management 256
Allan AbaCFO-Policy/PlanningPolicy & Project Planning Management 206
David FataiCFO – (Acting in Policy Team)Policy & Project Planning Management 241
Jeffery KaikariCFO- Project Management Policy & Project Planning Management 226
Nina TanivekePFO-Project ManagementPolicy & Project Planning Management 206
Reika KwalaiPFO-Policy /Planning Policy & Project Planning Management 229
Timothy TadareaSFO- Project Management Policy & Project Planning Management 226
Sophie NatuSFO – Policy/PlanningPolicy & Project Planning Management 229
Robert ManeriaCFOStatistic39139
Leon HickyPFOStatistic256
Janet TahinaoFO Statistic227
Claudius RalphSFOStatistic227
Melody FanaiFOStatistic230
Joanna. MesepituSFO Statistic228
Charles TobasalaCFOVMS207
Samson MaenutaPFOVMS213
Jessie KamaSFOVMS213
Douglas Aitorea (Study Leave)SFOEnforcement/Compliance30264
Bobby KusilifuSFOEnforcement/Compliance165
Marsh MaebiruSFOEnforcement/Compliance165
Robert SamSFOEnforcement/Compliance165
Jr Paul FanasiaSFOEnforcement/Compliance165
James MeimanaSFOEnforcement/Compliance165
Stanley UluSFOEnforcement/Compliance163
Loise ErekaliSFOEnforcement/Compliance163
Brenda OetaSFOEnforcement/Compliance163
Ruth RamoSFOEnforcement/Compliance163
Nester NaulanguSFOEnforcement/Compliance163
Julianna ManusaloSFOEnforcement/Compliance163
Lindsay KeliaraSFOEnforcement/Compliance163
Frank AratheguSFOEnforcement/Compliance163
Derick SuimaeCFONoro Branch Surveillance 61003
Charlyn GoluSFONoro Branch Surveillance61003
John RaraisaloSFONoro Branch Surveillance61003
Basil KotiSFONoro Branch Surveillance61003
Alick MaeoreaSFONoro Branch Surveillance61003
Ellah KorasiSFONoro Branch Surveillance61003
John ManuSFONoro Branch Surveillance61003
Sandra MonangiSFONoro Branch Surveillance61003
Nancy SzetuMSSProfessional Services223
Kinless KarovoMK(IT)Professional Services223
MarthaPMOProfessional Services223
Francis PituvakaCOProfessional Services221
Calwin KepoMOProfessional Services253
Lily WheatleyEOProfessional Services253
Martin Jr MataiIAProfessional Services221
Divester PozaPOProfessional Services253
Fredrick IroCMOMarketing 259
StennethPMOMarketing 241
Paul Jay TuaCFOResearch242
Ivory AkaoCF (inshore)Research239
Peter RexSFOResearch244
George TavakeSFO Research245
Steve MoseseFOResearch244
James TeriDDAAquaculture 234
Wesly Garofe CFOAquaculture 240
Billy MeuCA (Inshore) Aquaculture 234
Sylvester DiakeCFO (Onshore)Aquaculture 234
Sebastian MPFOAquaculture 234
Serah J KoroiSFOAquaculture 234
Cathy TsatsiaSFO (hatchery)Aquaculture 220
Billy DiauSFOAquaculture 223
HenryFOAquaculture 234
Selina LipaCFOLicensing Unit 216
Lorraine TutuoSFOLicensing Unit 217
BethlynSFOLicensing Unit 260
HarrietFOLicensing Unit 222
LeanneFOLicensing Unit 222
BrianFOLicensing Unit 247
ADDPProvincial Unit224
Jimmy EromaeSFO (FAD)Provincial Unit238
Lionel LudaSFOProvincial Unit224
John MaeSFOProvincial Unit224
Aldrin PezaFOProvincial Unit238
Duta KCTIWorkshop / CBRM238
Peter KCFOWorkshop / CBRM238
Eddie BrownFOWorkshop / CBRM238
John MarkFOWorkshop / CBRM238
Michael KoniaFOWorkshop / CBRM238
AsannethPFOWorkshop / CBRM238
Pricilla PitakakaFOWorkshop / CBRM238
David AramSFOWorkshop / CBRM238
Dr. Anne MarieTeam LeaderMISSIF38674
Mary LilomoAccountant MISSIF254
Dr. Rueben SuluFA (Inshore)MISSIF225
Sam TaloaisiAMMISSIF254
Nancy LeguaMFMR MentorMISSIF232
Harold ViliaCoordinatorObservers30789
Ivan SeseboAsst.CoordinatorObservers39152
Sonny MisrossSO Observers164
Patterson OmiTROObservers39152
Agnes KabuiAccountant ObserversObservers39152
Francina SotutuData Entry OfficerObservers39152
Derrick TagosiaEREM164
Clifford HoroiasiEREM164
Delilah IteikeniEREM164
Delilah IteikeniEREM164
Philip KonaiEREM164
Simon HoumaEREM164
Paul BongaEREM164
Francis LakwasiaDriverSupport
John KwaotaDriverSupport7476718
Helen NafiramoCleanerSupport7799391


If you’re in the Solomon Islands and wish to visit us, our office location is provided below for your convenience. We look forward to welcoming you.

Physical Address
Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources
Kukum Highway,
Honiara, Solomon Islands.
Mailing Address
P.O. Box G2, Honiara,
Solomon Islands.
39143 / 39151
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