About the Ministry of Rural Development

The Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) is one of the 24 ministries within the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) machinery. MRD is established on the 28th September, 2007. Its core mandates as contained under Legal Notice 164 in accordance with the Constitution of Solomon Islands is to oversee the effective planning and implementation of Government’s Rural Development Policy.

Minister of Rural Development

Hon. Rollen Seleso

Welcome to the Ministry of Rural Development.  

Our vision is to ensure all rural Solomon Islanders become meaningfully participated in development activities to improve their social and economic livelihood.

Our Services

The Ministry’s core mandates are provided under the relevant legislations administered under MRD. These includes;

1. Legal Notice 164 as in accordance with the Solomon Islands Constitution. The legal notice/gazette provides five (5) key functions for the Ministry which include;

  • Rural Development
  • Constituency Development Office
  • Constituency Development Funds
  • Indigenous Affairs*
  • People First Network*

2. Constituency Development Funds Act (CDF) 2013 (3) (CDF Act gazetted but not yet operationalized).

The CDF Act 2013, mandates the ministry (MRD) to carry out the management and disbursement of the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) with integrity and in a prudent manner with a view to safeguarding the interest of potential recipients of the funds. Section 6 (2) gives responsibility for MRD to coordinate formulation of Constituency Development Plans and to ensure plans satisfies the planning guidelines.

The Ministry’s core functions focus more on coordinating the work of fifty (50) Constituencies in terms of Constituency development programmes for rural development and growth to improve rural people livelihoods.

To achieve its missions, the Ministry of Rural Development delivers services through its various Divisions and Units. The Divisions are composed of Corporate Services Division and Rural Development Division which comprised of different Units.

Divisions & Departments

The Ministry of Rural Development has the following Divisions and Units under its organisational structure. You will find quick information about each and their contact details if required.

Corporate Support Services Division

The Administration and Human Resources Division is part of the Corporate Services in the Ministry’s Headquarter. Headed by the Deputy Secretary Corporate Services (DSCS), Administration and Corporate Services Division key responsibilities include;

  • Provide Support Services – Administrative and logistic support to the operations of the ministry.
  • Strengthen Institutional structures and process.
  • Manpower resources management and coordination of ministry annual work Programmes.
  • General Staff welfare – Remuneration/Retention.
  • Human Resources Management Information Systems.
  • Staff Development Plan-Long and Short-term training (Local and Overseas).
  • Coordinate roll-out of New Public Service Policy as may be required.

Finance & Accounts Unit

The Finance and Accounts Unit is also part of the Corporate Support Services and functions within the Headquarter and Administration of the Ministry. It is responsible for providing financial support services, effective accounting management system and asset management system as required under the Public Finance Management Act 2014, Financial Instructions, Public Finance and Audit Act (as amended) and Public Service General Orders. To ensure compliance with financial disciplines and associated regulations, the Division liaise closely with the Ministry of Finance and Treasury and the Office of the Auditor General in performing its functions.

Communication and Public Relations Unit

The Communication and Public Relations Unit (CPRU) is a newly established Unit within the ministry under the Corporate Service Division. Its establishment was a fulfilment of the reforms that MRD is undertaking. CPRU links the ministry with its key stakeholders and the general public. It provides information that will promote positive relations and interaction with MRD and all stakeholders on issues relating to constituency development.

Key stakeholders include;

    • Policy makers
    • Constituents & Communities
    • International organizations and stakeholders
    • Government Ministries and Agencies
    • The Public

Key responsibilities include;

    • Coordinate the formulation of the Communication Strategy and its implementation with other divisions and key stakeholders.
    • Promote and publicise the key mandates, functions, Visions and Strategic goals of the ministry and all development programmes to its key stakeholders and the public thereby raising the feasibility and profile of the ministry through radio, newspapers, TV and other informational print materials.

Rural Development Division

The Rural Development Division (RDD) hosts the technical functions of the Ministry.

  1. Support preparation of the Constituency Development Profiles and Plans in close consultations with Constituencies.
  2. Oversee project planning, design, appraisal and implementation with respect to the Project Planning Guidelines and provide technical support to constituencies when needed.
  3. Facilitate the implementation of Constituency Development programmes and related funding with respect to SIG and PRC financing and procurement guidelines.
  4. Provide capacity building and technical support to constituency officers and constituency development committees where and when needed
  5. Monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs implemented through Constituency Development Funds.
  6. Carryout research and development assessment as part of rural development planning process at constituency level.
  7. Coordinate development of Constituency Development Centres.

Organizational Structure

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MRD organisational structure

Express Directory

Contact Number
Minister22167/ Ext 223
Permanent Secretary22169/ Ext 202
Executive Personal Secretary (EPS)Ext 201
Deputy Secretary Technical (DST) 22176/ Ext 210
Deputy Secretary Corporate (DSC)Ext 206
Corporate Support ServiceExt 213
Human Resource Manager Ext 212
Finance and Accounts Division 25249/Ext 220/ Ext 214
Rural Development Division Ext 208


If you’re in the Solomon Islands and wish to visit us, our office location is provided below for your convenience. We look forward to welcoming you.

Physical address
Ministry of Rural Development
Advanced Technologies Ltd building
Point Cruz, Honiara, Solomon Islands

Mailing Address
Ministry of Rural Development,
P.O. Box 1983, Honiara,
Solomon Islands.

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