Apply for a Public Service Rental

The process of applying for a public service rental falls under the auspices of the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey.

Below is the process that follows:

  • An application form is endorsed by the HRM and approved by the PS.
  • The application is received by the Government Housing Division (GHD) and undergoes a compliance check. The form is returned to the Ministry if not compliant.
  • Once compliance is achieved, an inspection is carried out on the property and a rental valuation is conducted.
  • A rental amount is then approved by the GHD.
  • The GHD processes the Tenancy Agreement.
  • The Tenancy Agreement is then issued to the respective parties for signing.
  • The Director signs off on the Tenancy Agreement and returns copies to the parties concerned.
  • The respective Ministry raises the payment and forwards it to the GHD.
  • The payment is endorsed by the GHD and forwarded to Finance.
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