Learn about the Provision of Advice to Police / Ministries

On receipt of the advice file, all the processes as described under the ‘Prosecution Process will be followed. It is then allocated to a Prosecutor who has between 14-28 days to render a legal opinion. The Prosecutor will then forward his/her legal opinion to a supervisor who vets, corrects or offers suggestions to improve the legal advice.

The supervisor then countersigns the legal advice and passes it to the EPS (Executive Personal Secretary of the DPP). The EPS passes the legal advice to the DPP. The DPP then considers the legal advice and approves or disagrees with the advice and ultimately sends it back to the EPS within 2-3 days.

The EPS then delivers the legal advice to the Prosecutor. The Prosecutor sends the legal advice along with a cover letter to the relevant authority that requested the legal advice. All legal advice requests are attended to within 4-8 weeks.

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