Learn about the Prosecution Process

There are a number of processes leading up to the prosecuting of cases. A blue file/docket is received at the ODPP front desk from the Police, Immigration, Fisheries or from any other Department/Ministry. The file is registered in the Justice Information Management System (JIMS) by a front desk staff.

The file is then passed to the DPP’s Practice Manager who allocates and approves it to a Prosecutor. An approval of allocation is noted on the file and is given to the EPS – Executive Personal Secretary of the DPP who enters the name of the allocated Prosecutor and the date of allocation on JIMS.

The file is delivered to the allocated Prosecutor’s workstation. The Prosecutor reviews the file to ensure that all required information/statements are on file. The Prosecutor considers the evidence on file to determine the sufficiency of evidence to lay charges.

If there is enough evidence, charges are then drafted and filed in court. The Accused will be summoned to court to commence Prosecution. The Prosecutor then appears for the first mention of the case in court and provides disclosures (photocopy of statements/photographs, charges, etc of all relevant information in the Police file) to the Defence Lawyer.

If there is insufficient evidence, the file will be sent back to the Police for further investigation or it may be closed if there is no further evidence to support any charge(s).

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