Get Legal Advice for my Ministry/Agency

Government Ministries and Agencies that are seeking advice from the Attorney General Chambers are required to send a request, by way of a memorandum/letter, addressed to the Attorney General.

Any request for legal opinion should be made either by a Responsible Officer or authorized Official of the Ministry of Public Service. However, these individuals should not rank below a Chief Administrative Officer.

The points on which opinions are sought should be set out either of two forms; a) the form of a draft for advice or b) via comment or a succinct statement of the problem along with the questions to be answered.

All letters, memoranda and minutes to the Attorney General should be typed. An additional copy should be supplied with a duplicate of any draft attached for retention by the Attorney General.

When a legal opinion is sought from the Attorney General, care should be taken to provide the complete set of facts pertaining to the case. All relevant documents should be furnished with copies, particularly where advice is sought regarding correspondence.

If the Legal Counsel in carriage of the request requires more information from a particular Ministry/Agency, a meeting or contact will be made.

Once the advice is completed and endorsed, the requesting Ministries and Agencies will be notified by way of memorandum in response. No opinion of a Law Officer may be quoted to a private person.

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