Make a Complaint about a Ministry/Agency

The process of making a complaint about a Ministry or Agency falls under the auspices of the Office of the Ombudsman. Your complaint can be about:

  • Police actions
  • Electricity or water bills
  • Land matters
  • Awarding of contracts
  • Salary or promotion
  • Awarding scholarships
  • Income tax
  • Health and education services

Individuals can make a complaint either in writing, by phone, email or in person.

As a public office, their service is free to anyone who has any complaint about unfair and unlawful administrative actions and decisions of a Government Ministry and Agency.

If you are in the provinces, go to your nearest Post Office and ask for a complaint aerogramme form to write your complaint and send it. If you are in Honiara, visit their office in the Isaac Qoloni House.

Provided here below is the form to make a complaint.


Click Here to download the Complaint Form.

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