Visit an Inmate

A prisoner is allowed personal and professional visits within a correctional centre. A prisoner in a correctional centre has the right to:

  1. The extent appropriate to their classification, to have access to family, friends and members of their community.
  2. Have access to legal representatives, including the right to communicate in confidence and privacy.

How to Visit a Prisoner in the Rove Central Correctional Centre (RCCC)?

RCCC has a Unit that administers prisoner visits known as the ‘Regulating Unit’ located in the centre’s front gate lodge main entry and exit of the prison.

Relatives wanting to visit an inmate in the centre must make an appointment. This is called a ‘Regulating Appointment Booking’ to be filled by visitors and signed by Regulating Officers before visits are approved and can be conducted.

Visiting Hours: Monday to Friday – 9am to 3pm

No visits are allowed on public holidays and weekends.

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