Register a Land Dealing

The process of registering land dealings falls under the auspices of the Registrar General’s Office.

These registrations include:

  • Grants documents
  • Transfer of perpetual estate/fixed term estate/lease of lease
  • Lease of perpetual estate/lease fixed term estate/lease of lease (sub-lease)
  • Charge (from all commercial banks/financial institutions )
  • Discharge of charge
  • Variation of charge (from bank/financial Institutions)
  • Grant of profit
  • Grant of easement
  • Release of profit
  • Release of easement
  • Surrender of fixed term/lease
  • Change of name and address of owner
  • Registration of transmission
  • Subdivision of perpetual estate/fixed term estate/lease
  • Application for the first registration under Part V of the Lands and Titles Act
  • Registration of power of attorney
  • Provide search and certified copies of titles/deeds /documents
  • Registration of caveats
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