Access the Archival Collection

One of the functions of the National Archives of the Solomon Islands is to provide and maintain an access and reference service whereby the Government and the general public may have access to the archival materials held in its custody.

The Access and Reference Unit of the National Archives of the Solomon Islands is responsible for facilitating access and retrieval of archival materials for users of the archives. The unit operates a reading room where the users can be assisted with their information search requirements. This service is available to both Government bodies and the general public.

Some of the frequent users of this service includes:

  • Government departments and agencies requesting access to their old records or past Government decisions.
  • School students and academic researchers both locally and internationally, researching historical documents for academic purposes.
  • Individuals seeking reference to past records, from birth dates to land records and other records of historical interest.

Individuals wanting to access the National Archives are to take note of the following Access and Reference Service Fees (in SBD).

Search fees
General research fee: $20
Land records: $100
Students: $5
Birth dates: $10

Photocopying and Certification fees
Photocopying: $1 per page
Certification: $50

Click Here to download the helpful guide on the National Archives of the Solomon Islands Access Policy. The Access Policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for accessing the archival collection of the National Archives of the Solomon Islands.

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