About the Industrial Development Division (IDD)

The Industrial Development Division (IDD) is part of the Ministry of Commerce (MCILI). The Division is mandated to facilitate the creation of a Solomon Islands environment that is conducive to the mobilization and creation of investment activities. The aim is to create employment opportunities through the linking of the public, private and community sectors. The Division is made up of four Units; each of these units is responsible for carrying out specific functions of the Division.

Our Services

Support MSMEs and SMIs
This is mostly provided in the form of technical training assistance specifically for food processing and manufacturing technical skills to existing and potential entrepreneurs in the country.
This is meant to address the objective of import substitution in the food sector industry. This assistance is provided mostly by the IDD’s Technical Support Services (TSS) {link to Food Tech. Unit page} and Food Technology Units {link to Food Tech. Unit page}.

Establish Economic Growth Centres (EGCs)
This function provides guidelines, planning and a framework for the acquisition of land or the use of government crown land for the facilitation of export zones, economic growth centres (EGCs) and for the development of industrial estates in the provincial centres and in Honiara.
These estates and centres have different activities or multi-activities to facilitate trade. This function of the IDD is coordinated and developed by its National Project Office (NPO) in Honiara and through the IDD’s Provincial Offices.

Promote Food manufacturing
The Division provides support services to existing small and medium industries in product food promotion and product development of new or existing products.
This function is carried out by the IDD’s Food Technology Unit. The Unit also encourages knowledge and technology transfer and often works with the MCILI’s Marketing and Export Promotion Division to carry out product promotions.

Facilitate Technology Sourcing
Information and assistance in technology sourcing of equipment and machines for existing small and medium scale industries in the food sector, furniture industry, fishing sector, tailoring industry and other light industries are also be carried out by the Industrial Development Division.
The Division’s Online Business Information Services (OBIS) Unit works closely with the IDD’s Technical Support Services and Food Technology Units and other Government Ministries, donors, partners and stakeholders to carry out this function.

Financial Awareness
The Industrial Development Division works with its Ministry partners such the Business and Cooperatives Development Division (BCD) and the Marketing and Export Promotion Division (MEPD) to raise awareness of financing options amongst Solomon Islands MSMEs, SMIs and business associations.
One of these options is the MSME Business Loan Guarantee Scheme. The Scheme is a joint initiative of the Solomon Islands Government and the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI).

Encourage Reforms
A new function of the IDD is to help review and formulate new policies for MSMEs and SMIs.
This approach involves a process of establishing data and an assessment of MSMEs operating in the country through study surveys and consultations in the area of definition, access to finance as well as human resource development and to gauge the level of support services offered by the public and private sector to MSMEs. The aim is to create researched long-term policies to guide these businesses and industries. The IDD’s Technical Support Services Unit actively strives to ensure that frameworks, strategies, policies and plans are put in place to encourage and enhance MSME and SMI growth.

Essential Services

The Division is directed from the Government of the Day’s Policy Objectives; which is geared towards encouraging more indigenous people to participate in various investment and commercial activities but putting more emphasis on manufacturing and downstream processing activities that are focused on import substitution and export oriented. It includes encouraging cottage industries as a means of self-employment and creating more employment opportunities through the manufacturing and processing sector.

  1. Support to SMI – Down Stream value added and cottage industries
    • Subvention Grant Projects -> requirements for Subvention Grant Projects
  2. National Development Project
    • Economic Growth Centers (EGC)
      • What is an EGC
      • How to apply for a EGC
    • Industiral Estate & Commercial Development
      • What is IECD
      • How to apply for a EGC/IECD

Express Directory

Direct Line (+677) 28104
Main Office (+677) 20323 / 26078
Direct line 28104, (+677) 20323 /26078 Exten: 211
Deputy Director (+677) 20323 /26078 Exten: 212
Food Technology Office
(+677) 20323 /26078 Exten: 216
Project Office (+677) 20323 /26078 Exten: 213
Guadalcanal Office
(+677) 27200
Kirakira Office (+677) 50119
Auki Office
(+677) 40123
Gizo Office
(+677) 60821
Buala Office
(+677) 35115


If you’re in the Solomon Islands and wish to visit us, our office location is provided below for your convenience. We look forward to welcoming you.

Physical Address
Mendana Avenue, Honiara, Solomon Islands

Mailing Address
Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration
P O Box G26 Honiara
Medana Avenue, Solomon Islands

(+677) 28104
Headquarters: (+677) 20323/26078


Hours of Operation
8:30am to 4:30pm Mondays to Fridays

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