About InvestSolomons (Foreign Investment Division)

InvestSolomons (Foreign Investment Division) is the Solomon Islands Government (SIG)’s Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) that promotes Foreign Direct Investment (FDIs) in Solomon Islands.

Key Functions of InvestSolomons are: 

  1. Promoting Foreign Direct Investment (FDIs) in Solomon Islands
  2. Facilitating registration of foreign investment in the country.
  3. Provide aftercare services and ensure approved foreign investors are complying with their terms and conditions of approval of registration.

Units within InvestSolomons 

InvestSolomons is made up of three units. They are:

  1. Promotion Unit
    The Promotion Unit’s role is to promote Solomon Islands as an investment destination to foreign investors through identification of potential investment opportunities and to help establish investment activities in the country.
  2. Evaluation / Registry Unit
    The Evaluation/Registry Unit facilitates and evaluates foreign investment applications. The Unit ensures that applications meet standard requirements and are consistent with Solomon Islands’ Foreign Investment legislation and other related laws.
  3. Monitoring and Aftercare Unit
    The Unit is responsible for monitoring of approved investments within the Solomon Islands. Ensuring that all foreign investment activities being carried out conform to their conditions of registration as granted by the Registrar of Foreign Investment and that all foreign investors are informed of their responsibilities and duties when conducting their investment activities in the Solomon Islands. The Unit also provides an aftercare service to the registered/established foreign investments.

Management team

Registrar (or director) and Deputy Registrar is responsible on management and administration of the overall division. The approval of Registration of Foreign Investment is granted by the Registrar.


Our Services

Investment Promotions

The investment promotion programs are led through Promotion Unit. The key activities include conducting seminars and tours, advertising in the media, magazine and website publications, road shows and other related activities that help to promote Solomon Islands as an attractive investment destination. Investment Promotions also includes engaging of local citizens who decide to promote their projects abroad and seeking foreign business partnership.

Foreign Investors and Investment Activities Evaluation

The Investment Facilitation and Registration Unit is responsible on processing and screening of Foreign Investment applications for the Registrar’s consideration and decision.

The Unit also helps that:

  • Forms are properly filled online (via www.solomonbusinessregistry.gov.sb)
  • Investment activities are not categorised under the “Reserved List” and restricted list from key government agencies.
  • Required documents to be provided like the applicant’s Passport, Resume, Business Plan, Bank statements and other supporting documents are provided.

Monitoring of Investor Activities

The Investment Monitoring Unit is responsible for the monitoring of investment activities by the approved investors. The Unit ensures that:

  • Foreign investments comply with the Foreign Investment Act and related legislation (Regulation or policy). Breaching the requirements of the relevant legislations may result in a review and penalising of the offending foreign investor.
  • Foreign investors are operating in peaceful business environment. Support and assistance will be provided where required by the foreign investor through aftercare service

The Unit is also responsible to investigate suspected non-approved investment activities in the country.

Essential Services

Foreign Investment Registry or Register

The Foreign Investment Registry is the official register of all non-sensitive foreign investment including details of those investments and of investors that are operating in the Solomon Islands. The register is legislated for under Section 6 of the Foreign Investment Act and maintained by InvestSolomons under the authority of the Registrar of Foreign Investment (Division’s Director).

The Register is now kept electronically in the form of an online registry that can be accessed through the Solomon Islands Government’s Business Registry website.

The application for registration of Foreign Investments is done online via the Business Registry Website.

Express Directory

HQ (+677) 22856
Main Office Direct Line: (+677) 26810
Fax: 21240


Physical Address

InvestSolomons (Foreign Investment Division) 
Mendana Avenue, Honiara, Solomon Islands

Mailing Address
Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigration
P O Box G26, Honiara
Solomon Islands

Headquarters – (+677) 20521 (Direct Line)


Website Address

Hours of Operation
8:00am to 4:30pm (Mon to Fri)

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