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SQL Server Consultant

Australia’s Solomon Islands Governance Program

Provision of SQL Server Consultant – SQL Server Clusters Installation and Migration of Government databases Solomon Islands Government Information and Communication Technology Services Unit

The Solomon Islands Governance Program is a four-year, $30 million initiative, running from 2017 to 2021. The Program’s goal is to strengthen the ability of government agencies to more effectively support economic growth and improve public service delivery. The Governance Program supports all three strategic objectives of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s (DFAT) Aid Investment Plan for Solomon Islands by supporting stability, enabling economic growth and enhancing human development.

The Governance Program seeks to do this by building and sustaining capacity across the Solomon Islands’ public sector. The aim is to improve service delivery by removing barriers associated with weak governance in areas such as public financial management, human resource planning and systems administration. There are three end of program outcomes: „

  • Fiscally and socially responsible budgeting and borrowing policies.
  • Professional public financial management cadre that facilitates improved service delivery. „
  • A more accountable and responsive public service.

The program has provided an impetus towards a stronger partnership between DFAT and the Solomon Islands Government (SIG), with increased emphasis on locally led and demand-driven inputs. Inbuilt program flexibility allows for amending support when required and capturing opportunities as they arise.
Working under the Deputy Director for Projects, the Consultant will be required to install up to seven new SQL clusters of SQLs Server 2016 and migrate all SIG databases to new clusters. Bidders can have details of the database, servers and sizes by emailing

Scope of work / Methodology By accessing the SIG ICT Service remotely, the SQL Server Consultant will be required to: „

  • Assess current SQL usage and security and identify areas where the system and performance can be improved. „
  • Design SQL infrastructure to allow integration of various databases from different government departments. „
  • Advise on SIG systems compatibility with different SQL versions. „
  • Develop a roadmap that encompasses improvements to the SQL system, data warehouse and business intelligence tools. „
  • Prepare new clusters into which databases will be moved. „
  • Migrate existing databases to new clusters aiming at higher version when compatible. „
  • Optimise the databases distribution across clusters based on load and level of importance to SIG. „
  • Develop, prepare and coordinate System Integration Tests and User Acceptance Tests. „
  • Work with vendors to understand databases and systems requirements and compatibility. „
  • Develop and implement roll-back strategies. „
  • Train technical staff on the implementation of a SQL Cluster and SQL Server maintenance.
  • In partnership with the Information Systems Team and the Datacentre Management Services Contractor, reorganise existing regular data backups to meet business needs and risk management requirements.

The scope of services for this can be obtained by emailing or can be collected from SIRF Facility office, Level 3, Room 306, Hyundai Mall, Honiara.

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