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Consultancy Title: Provincial Accounting Specialists

Programme Area: Provincial Government Treasury Divisions

Duty Station: Rennell and Bellonal Province

Duration of the Contract: 5 years initial contract

Number of Consultants: One (1) Individual Consultant

Commence Date: 1st September 2024



The objective of this assignment is for the consultant to provide high level technical support to provincial treasury divisions to improve accounting processes, procedures, and internal control systems. The consultant is required to build capacity of junior officers in the treasury division to improve treasury performance in financial management leading to improved audit reports.


The efforts of the MPGIS is to improve the quality of financial reporting by ensuring that required technical skills are available in the provinces. The work load of provincial treasurers has increased since the increase of capital development funds and other funding streams that are channelled through the provincial accounts. This has been compounded by the need for frequent reporting requirement for Fixed Service Grants and Provincial Capacity Development Fund and the International Public Sector Accounting Standards as prescribed in the Financial Management Ordinance. The financial management indicators that are meant to ensure compliance to basic provincial regulations for enhanced accountability of public funds have introduced new dimension into provincial government reporting requirements. To meet all these reporting and accountability requirements necessitates the need for additional officers with specialist skills to add value to treasury work.

Scope of Work of Accounting Specialists

Subject to Sections 44 and 45 of 2018 FMO, the Provincial Accounting Specialist (PAS) shall be responsible for but not limited to, the following within the treasury division of Rennell and Bellona province:

  1. To see that a proper system of accounts is established by verifying all cash books, subsidiary cash books, payment vouchers before or at the end of each month;
  2. Extract data and prepare weekly briefing notes for the Accounting Officer (PTR) and the Accountable Officer (PS) for the provincial executive briefing. The Premier or the Executive need to be briefed weekly about provincial finance as follows:
    • Cash outflow of the previous week;
    • Expected cash inflow for the coming weeks;
    • Expenditure committed but not yet incurred;
    • Proposed commitments for executive advices and approval;
    • Provincial Tender Board decisions taken but contracts not yet awarded. This is subject to Section 36 of the PGA 1997. The Provincial Executive being the authority to incur disbursement shall be briefed on procurement and procurement issues before contracts are awarded to keep them up to date on how procurement is being managed by the Provincial Tender Board and whether the procurement regulations and procedures are being followed to the letter and the spirit.
    • Any issue that has or may impact on provincial finance;
  3. Supervise the receipt and collection of revenue. The Specialist shall work closely with the provincial revenue division and the PCDA to ensure there is safe-keeping of all Provincial Monies.
  4. Provincial employees entrusted with the receipt or expenditure of the Province’s money, making efficient checks, including surprise inspections, against the occurrence of misappropriation or negligence.
  5. Prepare bank reconciliations for each bank account held by the Province at regular intervals, not exceeding one calendar month;
  6. To report to the Provincial Secretary and the Accounting Officer, in writing, any material irregularity connected with the Province’s accounts or monies that he/she may come across through records and expenditure analysis; and report all other losses and deficiencies in writing to the Accounting Officer with a copy to the Provincial Secretary. A copy of this report shall be provided to the Permanent Secretary on a monthly basis.
  7. To produce, when required, all assets, securities, books of account, vouchers or other documents in his or her charge for inspection by the accounting officer, their authorised assistant, the Auditor General or their officers, or any other duly authorised personnel;
  8. To reply promptly and fully to all financial and other queries raised by the Accounting Officer, Provincial Secretary, Premier, Minister, or by the Auditor General giving the particulars or information required.
  9. Be a compliant check on all payments and advise the Provincial Treasurer whether a particular payment should be made or not by examining the completeness of the required documentations as per FMO and FI. This advice shall be given before the PTR gives the go ahead to the Provincial Secretary to approve any payment request. The specialist shall examine the payment request to see if it is part of the approved work plan, approved appropriation ordinance and that audit trails have been followed and confirmed to be the most efficient way of undertaking the requested activity.
  10. Take full responsibility of producing the quarterly PCDF and Fixed Service Grant Reports for the Provincial Secretary and the Provincial Treasurer to sign off. The reports shall be prepared in a format prescribed by the MPGIS and be submitted by the 15th of July, 15th of October, 15th of January and 15th of April each year. The Accounting Specialist shall liaise with the PCDA who is producing the output reports on all capital development projects of the province.
  11. Design and maintain a monthly commitment register and ensure the PTR is advised on the cash flow situation before release of funds for commitment. Provide data to inform the PTR and the PS of the level of available funds before the province is committed to any supplier. Ensure all sundry and large creditors are cleared within 10 working days.
  12. Supervise the imprest and arrears to ensure:
    • The Accounting Officer is advised to initiate deduction of all direct employees with outstanding imprest of more than one week as per Section 35 of 2018 FMO and Section 2 of 2018 PG Financial Instructions and Stores Instructions.
    • The PAYE arrears are cleared as soon as possible
    • The PAYE and NPF are remitted as soon as they become due
    • The Withholding taxes from capital projects are remitted as soon as possible
  1. Make daily check on every financial procedure for proper internal controls and advise the Treasurer and the PS for appropriate actions.
  2. Where the PCDA is not an accountant, the Accounting Specialist shall be responsible for capacity building of treasury officers through on the job training and mentoring.
  3. Provide technical support to the Provincial Treasurer to produce the Financial Statement within three months of the end of the financial year.
  4. Responsible for checking data entries, adjustments and reversal that may be required. He/she shall coordinate and jointly train treasury officers on MYOB accounting package.



The consultant shall report to the Provincial Secretary of the respective province for all his/her outputs but work closely with the Treasurer and the treasury officials daily. He/she shall supervise on daily basis, revenue, and assets unit of the treasury functions.

Requirements for qualification and experience

  1. The consultant will have a proven academic background with a Masters’ degree in Accounting or equivalent professional qualification with five years of post-graduate work experience.
  2. Bidders with bachelor’s degree must have degree in pure accounting with 7 – 10 years’ work experience particularly in provincial accounting systems.
  3. Internal and external auditors with university degrees and five years’ experience in auditing field particularly a familiarity with provincial accounting systems will have competitive advantage.
  4. Accountant with MYOB certified skills with proven professional experience with MYOB are encouraged to apply for this consultancy.
  5. Good communication skills and the ability to write good reports and briefing notes will be an advantage.

Documentation requirement

An updated current CV, contact details of at least two referees and a cover letter setting out how the applicant meets the selection criteria, and a proposed approach and methodology. One of the referees must be the current or previous employer.

Financial Proposal

There is no need for submission of financial proposal as the Ministry shall determine the remuneration and negotiate with the successful bidders.

Daily consultancy Rate

A daily consultancy rate is not required but the remuneration attached to this consultancy is above SS2 of government pay scale. The payments shall be made on output basis as the contract is performance based.

 Taxation Implications

Income earned in Solomon Islands is liable to PAYE taxation. Bidders are therefore informed that withholding taxation shall be applied at the point of payments by the provincial authorities.

Deliverables/Milestones with Targeted Dates

Items Milestone Descriptions Targeted Dates
1 The selected candidate shall be paid based on outputs delivered as a consultant and submitted to the Provincial Secretary of the respective province. Being a performance-based consultancy, output report is required to trigger the payment as it may be agreed in the contract. 25th of each month


Evaluation Criteria

Being a specialist position, consultants shall be required to undergo two hours of written test to determine the technical competence of the bidder to be followed by desk review by TEC. Written Test shall constitute 70% of the total score whilst the desk review shall be 30%. The award of the contract should be made to the individual consultant whose offer has been evaluated and determined as:

  1. Responsive/compliant/acceptable, and
  2. Having received the highest score out of a pre-determined set of weighted technical criteria specific to the solicitation
  3. Technical Criteria weighting being written test – 70%. Candidate must pass the written to qualify.
  4. Desk review weighting of 30%

 Technical Evaluation Criteria

Item No. Descriptions % Weighting Reasons for scoring the candidate
1 The consultant will have a proven academic background preferably a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or a similar qualification.


Other Accounting or equivalent professional qualification with a demonstrated understanding of IPSAS Cash Basis of Accounting shall be a great advantage.

2 Candidate must have more than 10 – 15 years’ experience in working in an accounting environment with leadership in treasury functions. 20  
3 Demonstrated ability to construct IPSAS based financial statement and to build capacity of treasury officers. 20  
4 Candidate should be familiar with one or two computerised accounting packages that are run in various treasuries. 20  
5 Familiarity of internal control systems within a treasury system. 20  

Proposal Submission

  • Deadline for the submission of this application is on Monday 22nd July 2024 at 4.30pm local time (GMT + 11 hours).
  • Candidates who meet the technical criteria shall be called to sit to two-hour test on Friday 26th July 2024.
  • All tenders should be addressed to the Chairman of MPGIS MTB. The sealed envelope should be dropped at the MPGIS reception. The bidder shall indicate first and second choice provinces so that the person may be considered for the second-choice province in case the first-choice province is not available.
  • The bidder must obtain softcopy of tender documentation and complete it properly.
  • The envelope should be marked

‘’ Provincial Accounting Specialists’’

Chairman MTB of Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening

2nd Floor, City Centre Building, Point Cruz, Honiara, Solomon Islands.

  • Those who wish to apply through electronic means should email the documentation to the Administration Officer: /Only those candidates who meet the technical qualification criteria will be contacted by the Ministry Technical Evaluation Committee.
  • For collection of the documentation from MPGIS, call 42111.
July 7, 2024

REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST: Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening, MPGIS

MINISTRY OF PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT & INSTITUTIONAL STRENGTHENING P.O.BOX G35, HONIARA SOLOMON ISLANDS Phone No.42111/42112/24839     Consultancy Title: Provincial Accounting Specialists Programme Area: Provincial Government Treasury […]
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